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We offer servicing to all makes and models, so contact us to book in.


We offer 3 servicing packages as well manufacturer specific servicing. Contact us for more information.

Free Roadside Assistance with any Gold or Silver Service (T&C’s apply)

* Additional charges will apply should the vehicle require, a pollen filter, special or synthetic oils, platinum or multi-electrode spark plugs.

diagnostic testing

Diagnostic Test includes reading fault codes from a specific system when warning lights illuminate in the dashboard. We will provide a fault code report for your records. Testing will take approx. 30 minutes, in which we can usually diagnose 99% of faults. If further testing time is required we will always contact you before commencing. Once you have paid the Diagnostic Test fee, there will be no further charge to plug the vehicle back to the diagnostic equipment if you require further fault code readouts for the same fault or fault code.

Manufacturer specific servicing

Manufacturer specific servicing is priced accordingly as we will work alongside what is required to keep your warranty valid. All parts used will be OE (original equipment) and a quote will be provided before work commences. We are a VAT registered garage and will not void any vehicles warranty, no matter how new the vehicle is. This is due to EU Block exemption legislation.

air conditioning service

Air Conditioning System Service includes a re-gas, compressor oils replenished, UV dye added to the system, and ventilation disinfectant to kill off any bacteria. An air conditioning service is recommended every 2 years.


Winter Health Check includes a 20-point inspection; all levels checked (inc antifreeze strength test) and topped up if required.

Brake Fluid Servicing

A Brake Fluid Service should be carried out a maximum of every 2 years. Over time brake fluid absorbs water from the atmosphere, this lowers the boiling point and can create brake fade under heavy braking. We connect our Brake Fluid Bleeding Unit to your vehicle and replace all the hygroscopic brake fluid.


We stock a large range of tyre sizes in Maxxis Tyres. Other brands such as Pirelli, Michelin etc. are available next day along with budget tyres. If you require a quote please do not hesitate to call and speak to us.


Brixey Auto Repairs is part of the Bosch Car Service Network. This mean we are heavily audited each year to ensure every aspect of our business meets the expectations of the TSI (Trading Standards Institute). The Bosch Car Service network is the only network in the UK that is associated with the TSI.